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How To Generate Motivated Seller Leads on Autopilot

Are you having a problem finding motivated sellers? Are you spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds doing paid ads that don’t generate many leads? Well, most property investors have the same problem as you. They tend to spend lots of money doing paid ads just to get a motivated seller but still don’t get enough to sustain the business. Most of the successful property investors that we know have systems for generating leads around the clock with less work.

motivated sellers

Some property investors are usually generating 1-5 or more high-quality motivated seller leads per week without doing any extra work. Does it sound too good to be true? Well, finding a motivated seller is not hard to find if you have a proper system in place and if you are set up properly to generate high-quality motivated seller leads.

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Actually, in this article, we will discuss how you can build your own system that can generate 1-5 high-quality motivated seller leads around the clock without doing any extra work on autopilot.

Here are the 3 data-driven ways to generate motivated sellers online:

1. Landing Page Lead Generation

In order to understand how to generate motivated seller leads on autopilot for your business, you first need to understand how Landing Page Lead Generation works.

landing page

How does a Landing Page Lead Generation work?

Different property investors will have different answers to that question. Some will say that they do cold calling for lead generation, others will say direct mail, and still others will say by networking in the community. 

None of those answers is wrong. In fact, most successful investors we know also use direct mail and/or cold calling to generate consistent leads for their businesses.

Why Landing Page Lead Generation?

To break it down, it means you will generate leads using a landing page. There is a simple formula that is used in every lead generation system.

Traffic + Conversion = Leads

It means that if you have traffic and your landing page has a high conversion rate then you can generate more leads to your business using a landing page. This is one way to generate a motivated seller lead on autopilot.

2. Email List Lead Generation

In order to understand how to generate motivated seller leads on autopilot for your business, you first need to understand how important Email List Lead Generation works.

email list

How does an Email List Lead Generation work?

Most investors don’t value their own email list. Email List is the number one source of free motivated seller leads that will be eager to accept what you offer to them as long as you nurture them.

The only thing you can own online is your own email list. You can generate high quality motivated seller leads using your own email list. If you have one.

Why Email List Lead Generation?

Email List Lead Generation is a good combo with Landing Page Lead Generation, why? It’s because you can generate an email list using your landing page. There is a simple formula for an email list.

Email + Conversion = Leads

If you have a good email list with a high converting copy then you can generate high quality leads 24/7 without extra work. This is one way to generate motivated seller leads on autopilot.

3. SMHQ Network Sites

Right now, you already understand how landing pages work and how email lists work. This time, we will discuss why SMHQ Network Sites is the best way to generate a high quality motivated seller leads.

SMHQ Network Sites

What is SMHQ Network?

SMHQ Network is the largest Below Market Value (BMV) Network in the UK. They offer property investors the opportunity to have motivated sellers contacting them DIRECTLY.

SMHQ Leads
SMHQ Leads 2

Why should you use SMHQ Network Sites?

The SMHQ Network is a combination of the both landing page and email list which is an all in one solution for property investors to generate high quality motivated seller leads 24/7 on autopilot without extra work needed. You just need to set up your site and it’s good to go.

The SMHQ Network has been built and designed by leading experts in Graphic Design, Website Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As well as looking good, they also have the ability to rank highly on Google. Indeed in the first tranche of sales half of them already have page one Google entries and several sites have several entries on page one.

You can read more details about the benefits of joining the SMHQ Network.


There are many ways to generate motivated seller leads online, you can find what suits you the best. You can use the landing page lead generation, you can also use the email list generation (if you have an email list already) or the best method is to owned a website on SMHQ Network, which is an all-in-one solution for a property investor to generate high quality motivated seller leads on autopilot.

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