Find BMV & Motivated Seller Leads

Find BMV Deals & Motivated Seller Leads

We are the largest QUICK property buying network in the UK and as you can imagine we have a lot of leads from Motivated Sellers offering BMV Deals. 

Most of the leads below are ‘warm leads’ meaning we have had initial conversations with the motivated sellers, however we largely do deals in and around Birmingham. That means, we ALWAYS  have deals to sell from all over the UK.

You can buy a lead from us by paying the Holding Fee and signing the Contract which entitles us to the larger sourcing fee once the deal has completed.

OR, you can join the SMHQ Network which means you get the lead for FREE, but it also gives you access to any other leads that come your way for one whole year and you also get access to our network

Other benefits:

Instant Brand, Professional Website & Email Address, Comprehensive CRM System, Branded YouTube Channel, Branded LinkedIn, Facebook, Tik Tok, Twitter.

Training, Expert Support, Peer Mentoring, Sample Legal Paperwork.

Joining for 1 year is a complete no brainer, it’s a cheaper upfront investment, but you get so much more. Fill out the form and we will be in touch! or Buy your area NOW before your competitor does!

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