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Get Property Website to Top of Google

If you’re wondering how to get a property website to the top of Google, here’s how – A few weeks ago, Ivor Bennett  paid £500 for a Sell My House Quickly branding package. He sent in his homework straight away, we built his site CHELMSFORD really quickly and he started to attend the weekly webinars.

He grasped the nettle and started to apply what he was learning immediately.

Property Website to top of Google
Property Website to top of Google

We are ecstatic to say that the hardwork is paying off. He is dominating the natural listings on the first page of Google. He has;

Not 1

Not 2

Not 3

Not 4

But 5 entries at the top of the natural listings.

Over the coming months we will be improving this further with various tactics such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube. Then it will be Facebook Ads and Google Pay Per Click.

Ivor is rightly chuffed with these early results. Check out his website here: www.SellMyHouseQuicklyChelmsford.co.uk

If you’re a professional property investor who would like to try and replicate this success, then please go to www.SMHQNetwork.co.uk/shop

Do you need to be tecchie?

Having a basic understanding of IT, the net and websites and social media will definitely help you. However, you don’t need to be a super geek. 

We provide a basic site with 6 or 7 pages fully search engine optimised(SEO) for you. If  you want you can leave it at that. However, we suggest doing a little bit more to get results like Ivor did here. So, we have hours and hours of webinar footage to help you. We can also do it for you for a very small fee or you can get a staff member, teenager, partner or virtual assistant to help you too.

Contact SMHQ here info@SMHQNetwork.co.uk to secure your area before your competition does or call 07812 606 886

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