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How To Leverage A National Brand To Find Motivated Sellers And Below Market Value Deals


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Motivated Seller Getter/Negotiator

Buy Motivated Sellers Leads in our Auctions

Starting as little as £10 per lead.

The UK is in recession. Most commentators say it’s going to be long and deep.

  • fuel prices
  • high cost of energy
  • soaring inflation rates
  • high interest rates

are conspiring to make the next couple of years financially tricky for many people. Some people believe that a house price crash is on the way or at least a correction. House sales have already slowed down. Our prediction is after Christmas many many more properties will come to market and most will not sell. More and more people will turn to Google and Social Media to try and find buyers.

We ALREADY have too many leads, we just can’t keep up with them. That’s why we are about to launch.


SMHQ Lead Auctions

How does it work?

  1. We receive a BMV lead from one of our many sites
  2. We get the Motivated Seller to fill out a Detailed Info
  3. We blur out contact details and any other sensitive info and publish the lead on our auction site
  4. The savvy property investor makes a bid. Most bids start at just £10 and there is no reserve. Join our WhatsApp Group to be alerted when an Auction begins https://bit.ly/JoinSMHQLeadAuctions
  5. You COULD bag yourself a bargain for just £10

NB. Any leads that you turn into a deal will be subject to a sourcing fee to be paid to SMHQ Network

Benefits of SMHQ LEAD Auctions

Low Starting Price!

Leads start from just £10 per lead.

No Reserve

You COULD get life changing leads from just £10

Hot Leads

Each lead has been submitted on one of our www.SellMyHouseQuickly.co.uk sites

No Upfront Costs

Only pay if you win the auction. Bid on all Leads or just in your area

Are you Recession Ready?

Lots of opportunities are arising. Take this test to see if you can take advantage

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As the recession bites people will turn to Google and social media to sell properties

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Why are you selling these leads?

The recession means that we currently have too many leads to process. Each lead takes time to do proper due diligence on and there just aren’t enough hours in the day. 


Why don’t you do the deals yourself?

Three main reasons

  1. Location – we mainly invest in Birmingham and the Midlands, so not that interested in deals all over the country
  2. Cashflow –  After a stressful year last year we are having a bit of a break of from buying (Unless an absolutely amazing deal comes along and even then we will need to raise some funds) So, please let us know if you have any money in the bank and either want a great rate of interest or are interested in doing joint ventures.
  3. Tradesmen – We find dealing with tradesmen a bit challenging at times. So need a bit of a break!

How do you actually get so many leads?

We have network of websites and many Page One Google entries for terms such as “Sell My House Quickly LOCAL TOWN” We are also experimenting with Facebook ads and having success right now. The ads work. The more we spend, the more leads we get.

We have a lot of experience and have used a variety of creative property strategies. Word of mouth spreads and our happy customers recommend our services to friends and family


What kind of leads are these?

They are a mixture. Recently a lot of landlords have been contacting us who are thinking about retiring, or they have tax bill or other expense they need to pay. So sometimes a lead for a single house can be a lead from alandlord who wants to sell many more properties.

Some leads are from people who are in a chain, and have pressure to sell quickly. Some people are going through a relationship breakdown.


Some of the leads don’t look very BMV? Why not?

Yes, we’d agree at first glimpse some do not. If the open market value is £200k and the seller is saying they will accept £195k this doesn’t appear very appetising for the savvy property investor.

However, there are two things to consider. Most people will not admit straight away the lowest price they’d accept. 

They may well accept £150k. But they won’t say that straight away. We all want to achieve the best deal possible!

Secondly as time goes by people get more motivated. The amount they’d be willing to accept may reduce.


How important is it to Follow Up?

It’s MASSIVELY important. Some of our best deals came many months and sometimes years after the initial contact. Peoples’ motivations change as time goes by. The current economic climate will affect this too. 


Don’t You Sell Website Packages All over the UK? What Happens with Leads from those Areas?

Simple. We don’t sell leads from areas we have also sold website packages for. Our clients buy the right to any leads from specific postcodes. So any leads that come in from areas sold get sent to our clients for free.

Are You Really Selling Leads for just £10?

Most bids start at £10 with no reserve. If you win the bid, you will then sign our Terms & Conditions that commit to paying us a 2% sourcing fee should you turn the lead into a deal. Therefore its a really low entry way to buy leads and you only pay big money should you progress to a deal. We think this is fair.

Buy Motivated Sellers Leads in our Auctions

Starting as little as £10 per lead.

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