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How To Leverage A National Brand To Find Motivated Sellers And Below Market Value Deals


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SMHQ Advantages

There are many advantages to getting a SMHQ BMV Website

Professional Website

No more messing about with Wix or paying expensive freelancer to do it for you. We simply clone our Master site, set it up for the area you wish target to find motivated sellers and there you go. We will teach you how to make simple edits, for free.

Professional Email Address

One of our pet peeves is when so called professional investors have flyers, business cards, landlord letters with @gmail/ @live/ @hotmail accounts. Raise your game and get a professional email address so motivated sellers know you’re dealing with a profession investor, not a part timer.

SEO Hints and Tips

No need to spend hours researching how to improve your ranking on Google. We’ve done that already. We can (and will) tell you in plain English the best ways we’ve found to improve your site and give you tips so you can get your site on to page one of Google.

Instant Brand

You don’t have to spend lots of time and money on expensive designers, we’ve done that already. Leverage our expertise and you concentrate on find good deals.

Support from a Peer Group

Our idea is to build a community of ethical investors, to learn from each other. Discuss campaigns, get ideas and tips on negotiating with motivated sellers. You could even find your next JV partner or people to sell leads and deals to if you don’t want them. Support will include, a Facebook Group & Webinars – we will be running a series of webinars on ways to improve each and every site.

Access to ‘off site’ Marketing Materials

We have a host of marketing material templates that you tap into for FREE; whether its: Business Cards, Letterheads, Landlord letter, Postcards, Poster, and Flyers. Simply add your name, number and email address to the marketing materials and have them sent direct to you. No hassle, no stress, professionally designed.

Lastly, a very Google Friendly Site

We can’t guarantee you that your site will end up on page one of Google, but we do guarantee that if you follow the advice we give you have a very, very good chance. We are confident because we’ve done it time and time again. We also guarantee that your site is built well, is fully optimised, has excellent meta tags, descriptions and titles. All small, but important things that will help your site rank well. However, the biggest single thing you can do is add good content to your site regularly. We will show you how you can do that quickly and easily. You will be encouraged to start a blog which you can then link your social media. You will position yourself as a local expert and attract even more motivated sellers to you.

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