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We bought this 3 bed Maisonette QUICKLY allowing the owner to put move on
We bought this 3 bed Maisonette QUICKLY allowing the owner to put move on

This is a property we bought recently. The owner moved out because her family had flown the nest, but it wasn’t in the best of areas and it was taking ages to sell it. She agreed a sale, but it fell through we the prospective buyer offered £10,000 less then they had agreed!

Then it was sold again but a person who took ages to even apply for the mortgage after a couple of months they finally admitted that they couldnt afford the property. Finally we negotiated a price with the seller and completed in 10 days. She had the money to spend on a new house and was over the moon ending all the stress.

The house needed a bit of work as you can see, but we don’t mind getting our hands dirty! So if you need to sell a property quickly, then fill out the Quick Contact Form on the right and we’ll be in touch about getting you a no obligation quote in a matter of hours!

Sell My House Quickly flat imageWe had to completely transform the whole maisonette, news windows, new bathroom, new kitchen, new carpets, new central heating, NEW EVERYTHING. We’re happy to report that once we bought the maisonette we renovated and and rented it, taking another family off the waiting list for a new house.

The flat needed a bit of work!





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