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How We Rank Our 100+ SMHQ Website in Google (In 7 Days)

Have you ever wondered how we ranked our 100+ websites in SMHQ Network? For the first time, in this article we will gonna uncover our secrets to you on how we rank our 100+ SMHQ Network websites in Google and how you can do it too with your own existing sites. This is not a guarantee that you will rank too but this is how we work on how websites and results don’t lie. If you’re interested then just keep reading! 

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It was more like an experiment or what they called A/B Testing on how we rank our sites in Google from the very beginning. It was a trial and error stage, where we do small changes on our website and monitor the results. After a lot of testing, we came up with a strategy that will surely give you a high chance on ranking in Google.

1. Website Personalization

Google loves websites with unique, long form content. Personalizing your website will make it more unique and have a tone of your website. If you can personalize your website in a way that only you can have, like having your own story in your website would be great content.

1. website personalization

Making your own personal brand for your website can make your website unique and Google loves it. Adding your own images and videos will give you a boost also. Make sure your brand is consistent in your whole website. 

2. Fresh, Original, Unique Content

Google loves informative and fresh content websites. Adding a blog on your website makes it more fresh and informative to your audience. It can also lead you to rank more keywords.

2. fresh unique original content

Making a content a week will mold your brand and will give you organic traffic from Google search engine. The key on making contents is to focus on your local area and write more about it. This will make your site an authority about that certain topic.

3. Adding Images and Videos

Google loves websites with images and videos. This will increase the time of your audience on your website which is a good sign for Google eyes.
3. Adding Images and Video

They say picture speaks a thousand words. Adding a good images or videos in your website makes it more appealing and give more time for the audience to stay in your website. It means you will have a good bounce rate of your website in Google Analytics.


If you want to rank your website in search engine specifically Google. You will need to personalize your website and make your own brand around it. Adding a long form, unique original content will have your website an edge to other competitors website.

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