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Find Motivated Sellers BMV FAQs

Find Motivated Sellers BMV FAQs

No, we are selling much more than a domain name. We are providing a one stop shop to get motivated sellers to contact you.

You will receive a fully functioning website and much more (see below). The site will be fully optimised for Google for your local investment area.

We are selling a full design package, aimed at bringing leads from motivated sellers direct to you. You will get a full suite of social media profiles built and linked to your site, a professional property email address, free templates for professionally designed Business Cards, Letterheads, Flyers and other marketing materials. We will also be giving you advice on SEO and Blogging. Lots of free resources to help your online and offline marketing

Correct, we aim to get motivated sellers contacting you directly – For a change! We can’t guarantee leads will come, but we are pretty confident we can help you rank on Google. You should also be PROACTIVE and send traffic to your site to help generate leads too. We will help you with that.

The prices start from £750 and then vary depending on the town or city you choose. We looked at the size of the population as well as the average house prices to set the value of each package. For example areas in the South of England and London are more expensive than Grimsby or Burnley!

No, the price is for 1 year. You are renting the site from us for year at a time.

The main reason is because we want to control who gets access to our network and motivated sellers. We want to attract ethical investors who practice ethical negotiation strategies that end in win-win. The BMV industry sometimes has a bad reputation. We aim to counter this, by having a Code of Ethics that all our investors need to sign up to.

You will have first refusal on renewing.

That very much depends on several factors. Which area, average house price etc. However, If you receive lots of leads and do a few deals, the price will most likely rise. If you don’t get ANY leads then you won’t pay for the next year = A free rollover.

Yes, if you don’t get any leads, you will not have to pay for the second year, as long as you have tried to drive leads to your site. We will show you how to add pages, blog, take advantage of Social Media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube etc. You can help drive traffic and leads to your site. If you make minimal effort then you will not qualify for a free rollover in year 2.

Yes, we use a truly fantastic designer and branding expert. So far we have designed

Letterheards – Perfect for those landlord letters
Business Cards – Get networking
Flyers – Leaflet campaigns

Network members can edit these great templates for FREE, add their own name and professional SMHQ email address and then get these assets printed locally. We will insist on minimum standards of print quality though!

In the coming months we will be adding more assets, some will be free, some will be paid for. 

Do you provide social media profiles?

Yes. We will set up what we think are the 5 main social media channels.

Google My Business

We will show you how to use them and how to link them to your site (teaching you little SEO tricks that will help your site rank on Google

Search Engine Optimisation is the art of getting a website up the listings of Google. We’ve been doing this for years.

We can’t guarantee that,  but having said that, we are quite confident because we know all of our sites are built well and are Google friendly. More than half the SMHQ sites already have page 1 Google entries, but it does depend on a few factor such as:

On site SEO

Yes, we will teach you all the hints and tips we have learnt over the years. The more SEO work that gets done on your site the better it will rank on Google.

No, we handover a fully functioning site that will be SEO’d by us. For some sites that will be enough. However, if you want to get consistently good ranking, then you should do more SEO.

That very much depends on you and a few factors: the time you have, your budget and inclination.

We will teach you how to good SEO. We run regular webinars showing you what to do. Our site has a resources area on it where you can watch these webinars in your own time too.

So, you will have a few options:

You can do the SEO yourself
You can get someone else to do it
You can get a VA to do it for you
You can pay us a monthly retainer to do it for you.

Find Motivated Sellers BMV FAQs . Please Go to https://smhqnetwork.co.uk/product/bmv-package-sites/  to secure your area before one of your competitors does. If you want to sell a property quickly. Please go here.

Find Motivated Sellers BMV FAQs

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