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Data Privacy Terms and Agreement

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Thanks for filling out the Detailed Info Form on one of our  Sell My House Quickly sites.

We take the data you choose to share with us very seriously. We promise never to share this information with third parties except on these occasions:

We have Sell My House Quickly licensees all over the UK. There are over 100 people who are experts in their local area. If we think one of them is better placed to know your local market then our central office will send your information to them to contact you instead of us in the central office. We believe in letting the local experts with local knowledge deal with local people. It brings quicker and better results for all concerned.

If we don’t have a licensee in your area, we may then auction the lead to property investors who are looking to buy properties in your area. If this happens we take ONLY the generic information from the form (never any contact information) and display the basic info. 

Property Investors looking to buy property in your area then read the basic information and place a bid. The highest bidder then gets your contact info and contacts you directly. Only one person gets your contact details. 

We have found this to be a win win. We can’t possibly buy all the properties people submit as we are getting lots of leads at the moment. 

If an investor wins the bid to contact you. They are very likely to do so. Giving you another option for a quicker sale.

Thank you

your form has been submitted successfully.

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