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Get Motivated Sellers to Contact You – (For a Change!) 

An investor living in Dubai had a property in Birmingham that was left empty for 4 years. It was unmortgageable – (no bathroom or proper kitchen) and kept getting vandalised, it was a pain for her. 

She Googled “sell my house quickly Birmingham” and found our original site 

The seller wanted a quick sale so dropped the price on the condition we completed within 3 weeks – we duly did so and purchased her 3 bed property for the unbelievable price of £50k. 

We invested £10K on fees and improving the property. So a total of £60K invested.


Three months later. The bank revalued the property at £85k, which meant that we took £62k out of the deal and ended up with a mortgage of less than £200pcm.

The initial investment of £60k went back in to the bank and the remaining £2k funded a family Snowboarding trip to Norway.

This No Money Left In deal turbo boosted our property career we are now successful property entrepreneurs who fortunately are financially free which gives us time to pursue other business interests such as and

That property is now worth £130-£140k just five years later. 

We got so many leads that we started to sell deals to other investors for 1% – 2% of the purchase price. We also sold what we thought were ‘junk leads’ to other investors. Some of whom turned our junk leads into deals! 

When Corona hit, like many we thought that a recession was just around the corner. We considered the best way to take advantage of the recession and use the great name Sell My House Quickly. We bought 500 domain names, pitched the idea to Simon Zutshi who loved it so much he bought two sites.

We have built the largest BMV network in the UK and we’d love you to join. You can buy here:

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