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Should I Sell My House Now?

UK house prices drop sharply since June 2020 We found out that UK House prices dropped sharply since June 2020. As a property investors we want to benefit from this price drop and attract a lot of motivated sellers to sell their house quickly. Check the article for more info. House prices in largest fall […]

10 Best Places To Invest In UK Property In 2021

birmingham best places to invest in uk 2021

Although 2020 is a challenging year, driven by the shift in priorities of homeowners (and renters) and the stamp duty holiday introduced by the government in July, the real estate market has so far shown explosive growth. The evidence is obvious to all: According to the September UK residential market survey by RICS, house prices […]

6 Facts About Repossessed Houses For Sale

6 Facts About Repossessed Houses For Sale

Selling the recovered home seems to be a good investment opportunity, but only if you fully understand the risks of buying a home. After submitting the exchange/completion documents and approval, having experienced the pain of losing a fair deal on the deadline, it only makes sense to write down the factors that investors should consider […]

How To Use The BRRRR Method Strategy in Real Estate Investing


How To Use The BRRRR Method Strategy in Real Estate Investing The traditional method of buying a rental property is to purchase the property through financing, such as a mortgage, then repair, lease, and finally, repeat the process. You can call it BFRRR: buy, finance, recover, rent, repeat. (But no one calls it that. BFRRR […]

How To Find BMV Property Deals

BMV Property Deals

There are two types of BMV properties: Properties that can be used to make money, and properties that are ignored because they didn’t produce any money. This second type of property is of course a BMV asset that you shouldn’t buy, but it is easy to draw some attention to buy a cheap asset that […]

Why Estate Agents needs Branded Email

Why Estate Agents needs Branded Email

First impressions are crucial in business. However, you may be missing out on an easy way to improve yours with a custom email address. While an email client like Gmail or Yahoo may seem to be an easy solution to your business email needs, free accounts lack the professionalism of a custom email address. When […]

Why small businesses need to grow their email list

build an email list

Small businesses are in a unique position to benefit from email marketing, as they have more flexibility in their image. For example, as a small business, you can build trust with local customers much more rapidly than larger corporations, which may not resonate with smaller communities as easily. One of the most important practices to […]

Why Local Listing is important to your Business

local business

Local listings have always been essential for local businesses. Back in the days of real-world phone books, before Google and mobile devices ruled the world, local businesses simply needed to sit back and let customers find them. Whether by walking in front of their brick-and-mortar location or looking them up on a phone book, customers […]

How To Generate Motivated Seller Leads on Autopilot

Generate Motivated Sellers

Are you having a problem finding motivated sellers? Are you spending hundreds or even thousands of pounds doing paid ads that don’t generate many leads? Well, most property investors have the same problem as you. They tend to spend lots of money doing paid ads just to get a motivated seller but still don’t get […]

Why a VA is Good for your business


Nowadays, Entrepreneurs are seeking for a solution to generate more leads and sales to their business. Entrepreneurs, who proceed with business objectives strategically and making optimal utilization of the available resources in the pursuit of profit, and remain positive on the outcome is the one who succeed most of the time in their business ventures. […]

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