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Get Property Website to Top of Google

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If you’re wondering how to get a property website to the top of Google, here’s how – A few weeks ago, Ivor Bennett  paid £500 for a Sell My House Quickly branding package. He sent in his homework straight away, we built his site CHELMSFORD really quickly and he started to attend the weekly webinars. […]

Sell My House Fast Cheltenham Retail Hotspot

Sell My House Fast Cheltenham According to the article below, retail property in Cheltenham remains a very sound investment. Where are the most attractive high-street retail investment markets in the UK at the moment – those locations that offer the best value while being structurally sound from an investor perspective? Source: Hot high streets: the […]

Sell Your Birmingham House FAST

Good Time to Sell Your Birmingham House Fast? Want to know how much your house price has risen in Birmingham in the last 20 years?  The  link below will show you. Interesting reading for anyone who wants to sell their Birmingham House Fast. It clearly shows areas such as Harbourne, parts of Edgbaston and Kings […]

Sell House Quickly Newport

This makes for very interesting reading. Apparently Newport West Central is the BEST place to sell you house quickly in Wales as prices have risen by as mush as 525% since 1995. Some parts of Wales have seen houses prices go up six-fold in the last two decades Source: Has your area kept up with […]

Sell My House Quickly Newport

Sell My House Quickly Newport If you’re thinking ‘How can I sell my house quickly Newport’ then it seems you’re in luck. According to the article below since 1995 houses have risen by a massive 525% a simply stunning uplift. We are hearing that houses and flat in Newport are selling very quickly indeed. Local […]

1,000 new West Midlands property millionaires – Birmingham Post

Interesting article on the amount of millionaires created due to rise house prices! Fifteen per cent rise takes number of Midlanders with £1m-plus homes to 7,306 Source: Rising house prices create 1,000 new West Midlands property millionaires – Birmingham Post

Sell My House Quickly Stoke on Trent

Sell My House Quickly Stoke on Trent The £1 house that is making Selling Your House Quickly in Stoke on Trent a nightmare! What chance has anyone got of selling their house quickly when Stoke council are selling houses as cheaply as a quid? Stoke On Trent council tried everything they could to regenerate Picton, […]

Sell My House Quickly Burnley!

£9000 for a house! Can this really be true? Apparently so. According to the Daily Mail the owners of this 3 bed investment property in Burnley want to sell this house really quickly so the asking price is just £9000. Seems like a deal too good to be true! Source: Burnley family home with three […]

Will HS2 help you sell your house quickly in Birmingham?

Birmingham Property News: Sell My House Quickly Birmingham House owners in Birmingham are hopeful that HS2 will be great for the price of property and those wanting to ‘sell my house quickly’ Source: Property  /  Commercial Property  /  HS2 news is boost for Birmingham – property firms THEBUSINESSDESK.COM

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