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How To Leverage A National Brand To Find Motivated Sellers And Below Market Value Deals


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3 Best Strategies to Find Motivated Sellers in 2021

Finding motivated sellers leads can be a headache. You need to know how to identify that you are dealing with motivated sellers, the reasons why motivated sellers sell their house quickly and where you can find motivated sellers in UK in 2021. A motivated seller basically refers to an individual or entity that is eager to dispose of a property in their possession. 

Some of the signs that you are dealing with the motivated sellers right now:


Motivated Sellers are eager to sell their house quickly and want to complete the transaction fast because they need the cash.


Motivated Sellers are ready to sell the property at the lower price. About 10% to 30% lower than the market price value.


Motivated Sellers are willing to offer favorable terms and conditions with the buyer such as 0% Interest, and no money down.

When you encounter those signs and they are willing to offer you favorable terms with a lower price point than the market price value and willing to complete the transaction fast at the lower timeframe then you are dealing with a Motivated Seller

Types of Motivated Sellers

1. Landlords

Sometimes a homeowner cannot get the desired amount of money from a certain property and wants to sell it. This could be because the value of your home continues to decline, or because your maintenance costs exceed the amount you earn from your monthly rent. Unlike a typical household, the tenant can move out at the end of the lease. After that, the process will be much faster.

This fact is all the more important if the rent is monthly or voluntary. If you are considering buying a cheap property, you might want to do so.

2. Heirs

After the death of a person, his property freely passes to his heirs. One of the most valuable assets is usually the deceased’s home. This is due to the fact that heirs often do not want the asset and prefer to sell it. Since no one lives in the house, you only lose money when you want to stay longer on insurance or taxes and sell as soon as possible.

If the court bank and the heirs do it. If you do not need property, the court will appoint an agent to sell the home. Brokers are usually willing to negotiate significant property discounts.

3. Homeowners Under Threat Of Foreclosure

You can find the list you are looking for in the first place, short or short sales. A short sale is when the homeowner cannot pay off the mortgage and the bank is about to close. To save money on a loan, the owner sells the house when the bank agrees to extend the mortgage balance.

To avoid any trouble, they are very enthusiastic about selling your property. Thus, short selling can be one of the best ways to get a fair price for your property.

4. Banks In Possession Of REOs

When a home is taken away, it is usually put up for a negative auction. However, if it is not auctioned off, the lender (usually the bank) owns the property. He quickly lost money when he owned the house. The property is always at risk of vandalism, as no one is responsible for control.

Lenders want to buy property as soon as possible and are usually willing to trade at a much higher price than the price offered at the auction.

5. People Who Are Transferring Jobs

It is difficult to find a job due to the poor economy. Sometimes, when a person is offered a job in another city or state, he or she must immediately sell their home in order to move to the new area before starting the job. .. at home until you find the right buyer. Instead, you want to end the sale to continue your new life.

If the person has moved, it may be more difficult to meet in person and respond in some way. These people can be difficult to find, but once you do, this is your chance.

6. A Person With A Recent Job Loss

When you suddenly lose your job, two things usually happen. As a temporary alternative, you can choose a low-paying job or wait until you find a job similar to your previous one. Obviously, they don’t make as much money as they used to. As a result, they may not be able to pay mortgage or property tax on the home they live in.

Often a person has to sell a house and buy a cheaper one. They want to sell the house immediately and are willing to negotiate a significant discount.

7. A Couple Facing Divorce Or Separation

Divorce can be frustrating and frustrating. In most cases, one spouse and his or her attorney will struggle with the other and his or her attorney over various sections of assets. In most cases, this main asset is your home. Often times, homeowners try to sell a property right before their spouse tries to renegotiate the deal. In other cases, they sell a house and all that. The parties receive half of the profits.

When this happens, the couple can become confused and have little interaction with each other. Either way, they will want to sell the house, complete the process, and take whatever money they can get their hands on.

8. A Family That Is Expecting A Baby

Family pregnancy often means one thing. It’s time to move out of your cottage and upgrade to a more spacious cabin. The clock goes on and on. Within nine months of adding a new member to the family, parents must go home and raise them before time runs out. During this time, parents read children’s books and go to the doctor.

Try not to go outside and you will have a heart attack. Often this whole mess is the sale of your old home. What matters is not so important. In this situation, take the opportunity to buy property at below market price.

9. Seller Of A Differed Maintenance Property

Sometimes, when money is in trouble, homeowners choose to leave their home in order to save money on mortgage payments or other financial obligations. If you decide to sell, you will find that most individual buyers are reluctant to buy a home, especially at quoted prices.

It’s your job to remodel and improve, just like moving into a house. And since the chances are that you are the few or the only ones interested in real estate, you can get the seller to meet your needs.

10. Seller Of An Old Property That Needs Updating

Like deferred maintenance and outdated property. Neither is desirable for most home buyers, which creates problems for sellers. Make it clear to your sales representatives that you are their only seller and offer them a quote. If you find an older property with a good structure, it is worth buying. Make sure there is no major damage to the structure. Before you buy such a house, you should check it with an inspector. Otherwise, serious problems can arise.

These are the reasons why motivated sellers sell their house quickly:


When a new job requires relocation, the property owner might want to sell quickly.


When they want a divocrce and the property owner might want to sell it quickly.


When the area is at high risk of floods, the property owner might want to sell it quickly.


If an heir is unable to manage an inherited property, they will be eager to sell fast and close the estate.

Facing Repossession

When a property owner cannot keep up with mortgage payments, they will want to sell quickly in order to avoid foreclosure.

Facing Financial Difficulty

When a property owner cannot keep up with their financial needs, they might want to sell their property fast.

Property Lease

When the property owner has a short lease that is due to expire and cannot renew it, they might want to sell it quickly.

Lifestyle Changes

When a property owner cannot handle their lifestyle and has financial issues, they might want to sell it quickly.

The most effective way talking with Motivated Sellers

Talking with motivated sellers does not have to be any more stressful than talking with other potential real estate connections. However, to avoid getting flustered and forgetting your place, remember the following questions to ensure a smooth transaction with talking with motivated sellers:

  • How are you? The most important is to be personal during any communication with potential motivated sellers because their situation could be the result of a personal or emotional stressor. You need to build a relationship with any potential sellers you speak to, so start the conversation by asking how they are doing.
  • What is your reason for selling? Be careful when approaching this question, as their reason for selling may be personal. However, if the opportunity presents itself, it is important to know and understand why they are in a hurry to sell the property.
  • What has been done to maintain the property in the last year? It is important to get a strong understanding of the status of the property, without sounding demeaning. This question will help you understand the current condition of the property.
  • What is your contact information? Always get the contact information of your potential leads. You will want their name, the best phone number to reach them, and an email address so you can follow up when necessary. Also this is good if you want to promote a new listing or offer to them.
  • Are you the one selling the property? This is a great way to get at whether or not they are the deciding vote on selling the house. You may encounter situations where someone has to talk it over with family members, a spouse, or another party. When it comes to identifying a motivated seller, you want to know who is making the decisions and who to build a relationship and trust with.
  • Is there a mortgage or back taxes on the property? It is a great idea to ask whether or not there are any financial obligations attached to the property. Think of this question as a good way to avoid surprises down the road.


opt in - most effective way talking with motivated sellers

3 Best Strategies to Find Motivated Sellers in the UK in 2021

1. Networking in your Area

This strategy takes a lot of your time searching in your neighborhoods looking for signs of motivated sellers. Signs to look out for include empty lots, newspapers piling on the driveway, rundown property, a neglected front lawn and a For Sale by Owner Sign.

You can also contact your local attorneys, they are always working with clients that need to sell their income properties or homes quickly due to divorce, relocation, or financial difficulty. It’s better to network with them face to face at local business gatherings and events. Staying connected with the right attorney can be a great strategy to find motivated sellers in 2021. You can approach lawyers that practice real estate law, family law, bankruptcy law, and estate law/probates.

2. Social Media

Technology is a great help for an estate investor where they can find deals online. A great way to find a motivated seller is using social media where you can connect people around the world. You can join some social media groups like Facebook Groups about Real Estate, Sell My House Quickly, Motivated Seller Group. You can put your brand out in the social media world and send the message to your followers and friends in the social media world.

You can also do social media ads which can cause you money but a great ROI in return. It can reach thousands of eye balls to your message with a little to no cost at all if you do it properly.

The best thing you can do right now is to join in the groups and start a conversation with the group and ask them about their problem and offer them a solution which is to buy their property in the fast timeframe.

3. Sell My House Quickly Network

We help estate investors find a motivated seller and BMV deals. SMHQ Network is the largest Below Market Value (BMV) Network in the UK. We offer property investors the opportunity to have motivated sellers contacting them DIRECTLY. 

Our website is built and designed by leading experts in Graphic Design and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). As well as looking good, they also have the ability to rank highly on Google. Indeed in the first tranche of sales half of them already have page one Google entries and several sites have two entries on page one. One has 5 – Read more here!

A few benefit of joining the Sell My House Quickly Network:

Professional Website

Professional Email Address

Ongoing Training

Peer Support

Expert Advice


Marketing Assets

And many more…

This is the best strategy you can implement where you owned a website specifically to get motivated sellers for you in your area. This strategy is a pandemic proof, and you can start this with a low budget which can give you a lot of value in your business that can increase drastically your sales in your business. This is the by far most recommended strategy on how to find a motivated seller in 2021.

You can watch Zimon Suchi on how he bought 2 areas, because he knows this can help him to find good deals and best ROI for his money.


Finding motivated seller leads will enhance your chances of closing a deal fast and with minimal resistance. For best results, it would be advisable to use a combination of these strategies. Remember that you can get your own website that can generate motivated seller leads for you which can give you more sales.

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