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birmingham best places to invest in uk 2021

10 Best Places To Invest In UK Property In 2021

Although 2020 is a challenging year, driven by the shift in priorities of homeowners (and renters) and the stamp duty holiday introduced by the government in July, the real estate market has so far shown explosive growth. The evidence is obvious to all: According to the September UK residential market survey by RICS, house prices in every region of the country rose in September, reaching their highest levels in 18 years.

Whether record prices and transaction levels will maintain momentum in 2021, we have not seen yet, but it is certain that the market will continue to move in either direction. For investors, the question will be, as the shift of priorities has changed the demand pattern across the UK, now more than ever, where is the most worthwhile town for investment in 2021?

Here, the leading British developer SevenCapital compiled the top ten real estate investments in the UK after analyzing trends and data from multiple key sources including Jones Lang LaSalle and Zoopla, taking into account past and past rents and The main return area for capital growth.

Table of Contents

1. Birmingham

birmingham best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £202,162

Average Rental Yield: 5.4%

Price Growth in Five Years: 14.2%

Birmingham has continued to be popular in the past five years and once again topped the list of the best investment locations in the UK. The average rent has risen by 30% in the past 10 years and is expected to rise by 15.9% in the next four years. Seven Capitals figures can attest to the success of its own development projects in the city, including 105 Broad Street.

With many key projects coming and in preparation, especially the Midlands Metro expansion, HS2 and the 2022 Commonwealth Games, the only way is to increase the attractiveness of Birmingham, which has been touted as one of the best relocation locations . Londoner. By 2030, its population is expected to reach 1.24 million.

2. Manchester

manchester best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £242,311

Average Rental Yield: 5.37%

Price Growth in Five Years: 15.76%

According to data from Jones Lang LaSalle, Manchester is a real northern real estate powerhouse and continues to be an important place for investment. Housing prices will increase by 17.1%. A series of career opportunities and 84% job growth in global companies. From 2002 to 2015, the city is now the destination of choice for young professionals in the Northwest. The Great Northern Railway project is expected to take effect in 2022, when 40,000 passengers will pass through major northern cities, and Manchester certainly shows no signs of slowing down.

3. Liverpool

liverpool best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £186,527

Average Rental Yield: 5.30%

Price Growth in Five Years: 8.45%

Another popular rental hotspot in the Northwest, Liverpool has some of the best performing postal codes in the country-L1, commonly known as the Baltic Triangle, is one of Liverpool’s most fashionable places to live. In the past, it delivered 8.1% annually, while L7 did not have Birmingham despite its price growth. Or as high as Manchester, but Jones Lang LaSalle predicts a 13.1% growth in the next four years, but it will undoubtedly be supported by Liverpool’s 5.5 billion pounds. A water plan that will generate new public spaces and create 17,000 jobs. In terms of affordability, Liverpool is ideal for those looking for lower prices.

4. Nottingham

notthingham best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £214,435

Average Rental Yield: 4.66%

Price Growth in Five Years: 16.92%

It is more affordable than Manchester. Although the price is the same as that of Birmingham, Nottingham has made considerable progress in recent years and is now an important investment area. Like Liverpool, the city also offers small areas with high returns of about 9%, including postcode NG1 in the city centre and NG7 where the University of Nottingham is located, although this has slowed down since the closure. The Queen’s Medical Centre is a “super hospital” with 6,000 medical staff, and the demand for Nottingham is increasing.

5. Newcastle

newcastle best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £198,307

Average Rental Yield: 6.5%

Price Growth in Five Years: 6.2%

As the eighth largest city in the UK, Newcastle is in a leading position in the investment field in the northeast of England. As one of the most affordable areas in the top ten, Newcastle has a median rental yield of 6.5%, although equity growth in the past five years has not been as strong as the other areas on the list. In other words, Newcastle has one of the best graduate retention rates in the country and is recognized as one of the fastest-growing regions for startups. This may drive demand for young professionals, which in turn will increase rental prices and thus Increase the rate of return.

6. Leeds

leeds best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £268,037

Average Rental Yield: 5.1%

Price Growth in Five Years: 9.4%

With a population of 800,000, 73% of Leeds’s homes are currently being rented out, making it an ideal location for investors looking for long-term tenants and stable returns. The Leeds economy is one of the fastest-growing European cities. The country has a major impact on opportunities within the city, attracting nearly one in ten people to leave London each year since 2018. Although capital growth has been slightly less than 10% in the past five years, Jones Lang LaSalle predicts that growth will accelerate by 13.7% in the next five years. The five-year cumulative rent increased by 14.2%.

7. Edinburgh

Edinburgh best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £333,691

Average Rental Yield: 4.19%

Price Growth in Five Years: 12.33%

Edinburgh is a frequent visitor on the residential investment rankings. Due to its immense popularity as a place to live and work, the Scottish capital has experienced excellent price growth over the past ten years, and its average price is slightly higher than most of our top ten. The positive impact on real estate prices in the next five years will reach 17.1%, the highest growth rate of any city in the UK.

8. Bracknell

Bracknell best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £383,788

Average Rental Yield: 3.98%

Price Growth in Five Years: 11.02%

As London bears the brunt of the closure in 2020, the demand for buyers and renters is decreasing, so the focus in turn has increased attention to areas outside the capital, and there may be some surprises, including Bracknell. Tech companies such as Dell, Microsoft and 3M, and Bracknell are also in the midst of a large-scale regeneration of 770 million pounds. Their attractiveness has increased significantly. Knight Frank expects price growth of 17% in the next five years. Judging from its track record, prices in Bracknell have risen by 249% in the past 20 years, but less than an hour away from London, it is still nearly half the price.

9. Sheffield

Sheffield best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £209,405

Average Rental Yield: 5%

Price Growth in Five Years: 11.41%

Sheffield has flourished in recent years, thanks to an investment of approximately 480 million pounds in the development of its business district and additional improvements in a series of facilities. As a result, the convenience of these central areas has increased, with rental yields of up to 7% in some postal codes. Importantly, Sheffield is also one of the top markets where the lockdown is lifted. According to Zoopla, sales in the area are 20% higher than they were then. The beginning of the year.


Glasgow best places to invest in uk 2021

Average Price: £194,545

Average Rental Yield: 5.2%

Price Growth in Five Years: 15.05%

Glasgow is another major Scottish city that regularly tops the real estate investment rankings. By providing a lower entry point than Edinburgh, Glasgow aims for a higher five-year capital growth so far and a slightly higher average rental yield, both of which seem to be further strengthened in the next five years. 15.4% and 13.4% respectively.

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